We know that we are a part of Environment we live in and the solution to many environmental problems lie in our attitude towards environment. The best way to attempt to bring about a change in the attitudes in the society is through children. They are the single most important influence in any family.


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Sr. No Name Of School Eco-Acts Address Teacher-Incharge
1 Govt.Model High School Badheri, Sector-41 DU.T., Chandigarh Mr.Dev Anand
2 Govt.Sr.Sec. School Behlana,U.T., Chandigarh Mr.Vikash Saini
3 Govt.High School Dadumajra,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Anu Mahajan
4 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Dhanas, U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Seema Chaudhary
5 Govt.High School Hallomajra,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Renu Sehrawat
6 Govt.High School Kajheri, U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Satwinder Kaur
7 Govt.High School Khuda Alisher,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Sarita Chaudhary & Mrs. Surinder Kaur
8 Govt.Sr.Sec.School Maloya,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Balbir Kaur
9 Govt.Sr.Sec.School Manimajra Town,U.T., Chandigarh Mr.Ramphal Sharma
10 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Manimajra,U.T., Chandigarh Ms.Monika
11 Govt.High School Mauli Colony,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Jyoti Sharma
12 Govt.Sr.Sec.School Mauli, JagranU.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Neeru Saini
13 Govt.High School Sarangpur, U.T., Chandigarh Mr.Dinesh Singh Patial
14 Govt.High. School Khuda Lahora,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Gursharan Kaur
15 Govt.Sr.Sec.School Raipur Khurd,U.T., Chandigarh Mr.Manoj Kumpooar
16 Govt.Model Sr. Sec. School Karsan,U.T., Chandigarh Dr. Ritu Aggarwal
17 Vedic Girls High School Manimajra, U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Asha Juneja
18 Maharishi Dayanand Public School Daria (Near Railway Station),U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Prabha Bhainsova
19 Govt.High School Sector 07-C,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Sukhwant Kaur
20 C.L.Aggarwal DAV Model High School Sector 07-B,U.T., Chandigarh Ms. Madhurima Sharma
21 Kailash Behal DAV Centenary School Sector 7-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Ramandeep Kaur
22 D.A.V.Sr.Sec.School,(Lahore) Sector 08,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs Vibha Monika Vohra
23 Govt.Girls Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 08,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Seema Sharma
24 Carmel Convent School Sector 9-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Atula
25 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 10,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Nandini
26 Govt.High School Sector 11,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Kanta Devi
27 Govt.Sr.Sec.School Sector 15-C,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Surinder Kaur
28 Guru Teg Bahadur Public School Sector 15,U.T., Chandigarh Ms Ritu Sharma
29 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 16,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Sunisha Sharma
30 Govt.Girls Model Sr.Sec. School Sector 18,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Kund Bala
31 New Public School Sector 18,U.T., Chandigarh Mr. Ajit Singh
32 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 19,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Ms.Narinder Gill
33 Govt.Girls Sr.Sec.School Sector 20-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Sunita Sheoran
34 Govt.Model High School Sector 20-D,U.T., Chandigarh Mr.Rajeev Tandon
35 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 20-D,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Anu Mahajan
36 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School, Sector 21A,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Seema
37 Ishwar Singh Dev Smaj Girls Sr.Sec.School Sector 21C,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Prem Verma
38 Manav Mangal High School Sector 21-C,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Ranjan Jugran
39 Shishu Niketan Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 22-D,U.T., Chandigarh Mr. Navjeet Bhalla
40 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 22-A,U.T., Chandigarh Mr. Ajay kumar
41 Govt. Model High School Sector 22-C,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Astinder Kaur
42 Maharishi Dayanand Adarsh Vidyalaya Sector 22-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mr.Sandeep Pundeer
43 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 23-A,U.T., Chandigarh Ms.Gurpreet KAUR
44 Govt.Girls Sr.Sec.School Sector 23-A,U.T., Chandigarh Ms.Sonia Sharma, Mrs. Bimal
45 Govt.High School Sector 24-A,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Kanwaljit Kaur
46 S.D.High School Sector 24,U.T., Chandigarh Mr.Ajay Sharma
47 Govt. Model High School Sector 25,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Promila
48 Navodaya Vidyalaya Sector 25,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Anupa Thakur
49 Govt.Model High School, (Timber Market) Sector 26,U.T., Chandigarh MRS. Renu Vashishta
50 Govt.Model High School Sector 26,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Usha Garg
51 Saint Kabir Public School Sector 26,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Sneha Wadhwa
52 Saint John High School Sector 26,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Rita Trehan
53 Sacred Heart Sr. Sec. School Sector 26,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.R.B.Singh
54 Institute for the Blind Sector 26,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Urmil Sharma
55 Moti Ram Arya Sr.Sec.School Sector 27-A,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Savita Arya
56 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 27,U.T., Chandigarh
57 Govt.Model High School Sector 28-C,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Anju Gupta
58 Govt.Model High School Sector 28-D,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Renu Sharma
59 Saint Soldier International School Sector 28-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Parvinder Kaur Malhi
60 Tribune Model School Sector-29-D,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Kusum kanwar
61 Govt.High School Sector 29-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Navjeet Kaur
62 Kendriya Vidyalaya Sector 29-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mr.Raminder Loth
63 Govt.Model High School Sector 29-A,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Anu Arora
64 Govt.High School Sector 30,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Maninder Kaur
65 Guru Nanak Khalsa Sr.Sec.School Sector 30-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Ramanjeet Kaur
66 Govt.Model High School Sector 31,U.T., Chandigarh Mr.Ramkrishan
67 Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2(3BRD) Air Force Station,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Bharti Sood
68 Kendirya Vidyalaya Sector 31,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Ravinder Loth
69 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 32,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Manisha
70 Govt.High School Sector 32-D,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Baljit Kaur
71 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 33-D,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Gurpreet Chahal
72 Govt.Model High School Sector 34,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Rupinder Kaur
73 Govt.High School Sector 35-D,U.T., Chandigarh Promila Kumar
74 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 35,U.T., Chandigarh Seema B.Grover
75 Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sr.Sec.School Sector 35-B,U.T., Chandigarh Ms.Gurpree Kaur Khural
76 Guru Nanak Public School Sector 36,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Sarina kapoor
77 Govt.Model High School Sector 36,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Sudha Batra
78 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 37-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Seema Chaudhary
79 Govt.Sr.Sec.School Sector 37-C,U.T., Chandigarh Dr. R.K.Sharma
80 Govt.High School Sector 38-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Rupinder Jit Kaur
81 Govt.Model High School Sector 38-D,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Jatinder Kaur
82 Govt.Sr.Sec.School Sector 38W,U.T., Chandigarh Mr.Pitambar Lal
83 Stepping Stone School Sector 38,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Savneet
84 Vivek High School Sector 38-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Farash Shamsi
85 S.D.Saini Public School Sector 38-C,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Sharan Kaur
86 Sri Guru Harkrishan Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 38-D,U.T., Chandigarh Ms.Varuna
87 Govt.High School Sector 40-A,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Prameet Pratima Kaur
88 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 40,U.T., Chandigarh Dr.Priti Garg
89 Sharda Sarvhitkari Model Sr. Sec.School Sector 40-DU.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Anjali Kapoor
90 Guru Harkrishan Public School Sector 40-C,U.T., Chandigarh Ms. Kamaljit Kaur Ms. Dupinder Kaur
91 Delhi Public School Sector 40-C,U.T., Chandigarh Ms. Punam Sharma, Ms. Sangita Ahluwalia
92 Govt.Model High School Sector 41-D,U.T., Chandigarh Mr.Dev Anand
93 Shivalik Public School Sector 41-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Dhindsa
94 Ajit Karam Singh International Public School Sector 41-B,U.T., Chandigarh Ms. Sarbjit Kaur, & Mrs. Poonam
95 Govt.Model High School Sector 43-A,U.T., Chandigarh Mr.Jagjeet Jolly
96 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.Sechool Sector 44-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Seema Dhillon
97 Divya Public School Sector 44,U.T., Chandigarh Ms.Anita Sharma
98 Sanjay Public School Sector 44-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mr.Shekhar
99 Chandigarh Baptist School Sector 45-C,U.T., Chandigarh Ravinder
100 St.Joseph Sr. Sec. School Sector 44-D,U.T., Chandigarh Ms. Taruna Chandel
101 Govt.Sr.Sec.School Sector 45,U.T., Chandigarh Mr.Bal Krishan
102 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 46,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Baljinder Kaur
103 ST.Mary's School Sector 46-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Ambily Thimas
104 Kendriya Vidyalaya Sector 47,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Nitie Talwar
105 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 47-D,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Binta Mahajan
106 Mount Carmel School Sector 47-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs Lakshmi Kameshwari
107 The Banyan Tree School Sector 48-BU.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Niranjana Yakmi
108 St. Stephen's School Sector 45-BU.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Seema Gupta
109 Govt.Middle School Sector 46-DU.T., Chandigarh Mr.Dalip Thakur
110 Gyandeep Model Sr. Sec. School Sector 20-CU.T., Chandigarh Ms. Divya
111 Govt. Model High School Sector 39-CU.T., Chandigarh Ms. Kuldeep Kaur
112 Ryan International Public School Sector 49U.T., Chandigarh Ms.Sujata
113 Shishu Niketan Public School Sector 43U.T., Chandigarh Ms.Vandana Anand
114 D.A.V. Model School Sector 15-AU.T., Chandigarh Ms. Hema Punj
115 Ajit Karam Singh International Public School Sector 45-AU.T., Chandigarh
116 Gurukul Global School Near I.T. Park ManimajraU.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Kavita Malik
117 Govt.Model Middle School Sector 23-DU.T., Chandigarh Sh.Satinder Kumar
118 Govt. Middle School Maloya ColonyU.T., Chandigarh Sh.Bhim Singh
119 Air Force School 3 BRD, AFU.T., Chandigarh
120 Govt. Middle School KishangarhU.T., Chandigarh
121 Bhawan Vidyalya Sector-28U.T., Chandigarh
122 Govt.High School Sector-46U.T., Chandigarh
123 St. Peterís Sr. Sec. School Sector-36-BU.T., Chandigarh
124 Govt.Model High School Vikas NagarU.T., Chandigarh
125 Govt.High School Sector 53,U.T., Chandigarh
126 Govt.Model High School Sec 38 (W),U.T., Chandigarh M/s Harveer Kaur
127 Govt.Sr. Sec. School Kaimbwala,U.T., Chandigarh
128 Govt.Model Sr.Sec.School Sector 56,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Anita Sharma
129 Govt.Model High School Sector 25,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Sudesh Mittal
130 Govt. High School Colony No.4, Industrial Area Phase-1,U.T., Chandigarh Mr. Hem Raj
131 Govt.Middle School Sector 33,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Mukesh Jakhar
132 Govt.Model High School Khuda Jassu,U.T., Chandigarh Mr. Manoj Kumar Mr. Manoj Kumar
133 Govt. High (Smart) School Sector 50,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Meena Kumari
134 Govt.Model High School Sector 45-C,U.T., Chandigarh Mr. Arvind Kumar
135 Govt.Model Middle School Pocket-10, Mani MajraU.T., Chandigarh Mr. Surinder Kumar/Mrs. Lakshmi
136 Govt.Model High School R.C. Dhanas,U.T., Chandigarh Sh. Suraj Bhan
137 Govt.Model High School Sector 42-B,U.T., Chandigarh Ms. Indu
138 Govt.Model High School Sector 49-D,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Narinder Kaur
139 Govt.Model Primary School Sector 49-D,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Amrit Warsha
140 Govt.Middle School BurailU.T., Chandigarh Mr. Narender Kumar
141 Govt.Model Middle School MHC, Manimajra,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Richa Bhalla
142 Govt Model High School Dhanas RC II,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Ravinder Kaur
143 Govt. High School Sector-52,U.T., Chandigarh Ms. Abha Singla
144 Govt. Model High School Karsan, Phase-I, Ram Darbar,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs. Sangeeta Bajaj
1001 Dev Samaj College of Education Sector 36-B,U.T., Chandigarh Mrs.Seema Sareen
1002 Govt.Home Science College Sector 10,U.T., Chandigarh
1003 DAV College for Boys Sector 10,U.T., Chandigarh
1004 Govt.College for Girls Sector 11,U.T., Chandigarh
1005 Govt.College of Education Sector 20,U.T., Chandigarh
1006 Sri Guru Gobind Singh College Sector 26,U.T., Chandigarh
1007 Sri Guru Gobind Singh College for Women Sector 26,U.T., Chandigarh
1008 Regional Institute of English Sector 32,U.T., Chandigarh
1009 GGDSD College Sector 32,U.T., Chandigarh
1010 MCM DAV College Sector 36,U.T., Chandigarh