About Program

It is a flagship scheme of the Ministry of Environment Forest And Climate Change (MoEF&CC) launched in 1983-84 (during 6th FYP) for enhancing the understanding of people at all levels about the relationship between human beings and the environment and to develop capabilities/skills to improve and protect the environment. It aims to promote environmental awareness among all sections of the society and to mobilize people’s participation for preservation and conservation of the environment.

The scheme aims:

  1. To promote environmental awareness among all sections of society.
  2. To spread environment education.
  3. To mobilize students’ participation for environment conservation.


Programmes under the scheme:

  • National Green Corps (NGC) "Eco-club" programme
  • National Nature Camping Programme (NNCP)
  • Capacity Building Activities


Under these programmes financial assistance is provided to various organizations for undertaking activities and awareness campaigns for protection of environment in the Country.